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Victor Aerden


Discover campbell river


My name is Victor Aerden, I'm a photographer and video maker

based in Vancouver, BC. 

You can find my portfolio here:


My Instagram:


I usually work closely together with my partner Melanie, she will

assist and model on most shoots, you can find her here:




                                             This is us doing what we love most >>

One of our more recent projects was with Hastings Overland, a Vancouver based Overland rental company, started by two Nanaimo locals. They rent out fully equipped Jeeps, with rooftop tents for roadtrips along the rugged backroads of Western Canada. We spent a rainy week on Vancouver Island, exploring in one of their Jeeps, coming back with a ton of photo and video content that they, and I quote, called "by far the best content they've ever received from a content trip".

I'll add some of the photos and a video from that trip here:

For more of my work, click on portfolio in the website menu above.


Now that you know a little more about me and my work, let's get into what I can do for you.

Of course this is highly dependant on your needs as the official tourism board of Campbell River, but there are some general concepts we can go over already, which we can finetune based on your needs.


In a day and age where people will travel to places only after seeing a photo of it on their phone, visual content is more important than ever before. I strive to create authentic, striking images that are timeless, engaging and put the viewer right there in that spot, leaving them with a desire to go and see this place themselves.

Along with this visual content, authentic travel experiences are key


I'd love the opportunity to come up to Campbell River, and create for you. This project can include anything that you feel you need content on, whether it's the mountains of Strathcona, the beaches and forests or just the Campbell River Lifestyle... It's up to you!

Project Dates:

To be discussed. I have availability between now and September 15th, so lets lock something in!


Travel Costs

  • In the case I drive up from Vancouver these would include:

    • 55 cents / kilometer driven

    • Ferry costs compensated

    • Accommodation compensated

      • If the project includes camping I will provide my own camping gear, but ask for the camping fee to be compensated.



I'm sure you're well aware of how complicated photography pricing can get, with all the different licenses depending on how the photo will be used; that's why I prefer to keep it simple for projects like these. Usually we will work out a set price for the project and define a minimum number for content delivered, so that is something I'm definitely willing to negotiate.

That being said, generally my pricing looks like this:

  • Strictly social media usage: 100$/photo

  • All usage: 250$/photo


  • 4K video

  • 4K time-lapse footage




Social Media Posts

  •  on @victoraerden

    • single photo: 250$/post 

    • carousel 3-10 images in one post: 300$/post

    • video post: 350$/post