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Hi! I'm Victor.

I was born in Belgium and moved to Canada when I was 24. I've never looked back.

I've been helping brands through my photography for the last 4 years and I strongly value the relationships I've formed along the way. 

I pride myself on on creating truly impactful visuals, to help your brand inspire and connect with people, to make your marketing more effective, and to help you increase your revenue.

My work is meticulously crafted to fulfill your needs, and help you move the needle in your business; I truly want to help brands reach their goals.

I'm constantly learning and trying to improve my craft, to be able to serve you better.

In my free time, you'll find me traveling and exploring the great outdoors, obviously capturing the experience along the way.


I also love football (the proper name for soccer), I'm very serious about Belgian beers and can't stand it when people call pasta, 'noodles'.

Based in Calgary, AB, Canada

Available worldwide

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