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Hi! I'm Victor, I'm 27, Belgian born, Canada based.

I'm passionate about exploring the great outdoors, and going further.

 I pride myself on creating work of extremely high quality and strive to tell a story through timeless, authentic and striking images.

I hope to put people in the moment, and inspire them to get out and create their own memories.

I often work closely together with my amazing girlfriend, Melanie, we really make the best team.

I also love football (the proper name for soccer), I'm very serious about Belgian beers and can't stand it when people call pasta, 'noodles'.

Hey! I’m Melanie, I’m 25, I have a huge passion for travel, long road trips, black coffee and early mornings.

I moved from Toronto to the West coast a few years ago to experience the mountain life.. Little did I know I would meet the man of my dreams, Victor, during my first year in Alberta.

We have been attached at the hip ever since.. and that deserves some recognition right there, because I am clingy and 100% annoying!

When were not adventuring our beautiful backyard in BC you can find me catching up with family & friends, binge watching Netflix, or being a complete foodie.

No matter where you find me, I'll always be smiling, be the only one laughing at my own jokes and ready for the next adventure!

Based out of Calgary, AB, Canada