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Hastings Overland

Below are a couple of images, as well as a promotional video, captured on assignment for Hastings Overland (

We traveled a customized version (with a strong overlanding twist) of the Pacific Marine Circle, on Vancouver Island, an experience that has been labeled a "Signature Canadian Experience" by Destination Canada.

The goal was to provide Hastings Overland with creative assets to promote and showcase their fully equipped overland rentals, as well as one of their many, highly customizable, Vancouver Island itineraries.

One of the challenges to be faced on this assignment was conveying the 'off-the-beaten-path' nature of these trips; familiar spots and compositions were out of the question for these rugged off-road-ready Jeeps. It's a challenge I relish, and I think the images show it. 

You can read a blog post about this trip here

In their words:


Cory Koesdibyo

Co-owner / Director of Operations at Hastings Overland

“It's not every day that you stumble upon someone as talented, professional, and easy to work with as Victor. 

He was able to take our vision, add his own personal touches, and produce content that far exceeded our expectations. His adventurous spirit and proven track record with reputable outdoor brands are only the start of Victor's value proposition, once you get him behind the camera, that's where the story really starts to unfold."

Hastings Overland
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